Beach Brothers' Beach Service

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Beach Equipment Restoration!

Throughout the years of restoring our own equipment, we've constantly focused on fine-tuning the process to make it better, and as a result, we've developed a system from start to finish that we believe works best. We've designed and custom built to our specifications the necessary tools for each step of the process, such as the varnish dip tank and our drying racks. We use marine grade high quality spar varnish to dip the equipment and the strongest stainless steel staples available when reapplying the canvas- all to ensure that each chair and umbrella stands up to the harsh conditions of the salt, the sun, and the constant wear and tear throughout the year.

The Process:

-Remove Fabric
-Sand Chairs, Footrests, and Umbrella Pole
-Wash Chair and Umbrella Frames
-Dip Equipment in Spar Varnish
-Wash all Fabric
-Reapply Material


Price List:

-Complete Restoration of Chair and Footrest- $20/chair

-Complete Restoration of Chair with Fabric Pre-removed- $15/chair

-Restoration of Umbrellas= $10/umbrella

*As an added convenience, we will drive to pick up your equipment and deliver it back to you when it is finished!