Beach Brothers' Beach Service

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Chair and Umbrella Set-Ups

We offer a variety of set-ups that will meet your needs in every way! Listed below are a few common set-ups that we offer along with a price list for each. We can accommodate your group with as many chairs and umbrellas as you need. Our complimentary delivery service will have your chairs set-up for you each morning before 9 a.m. and picked up off the beach every evening at 5 p.m.

*Prices listed do not include tax. Walton County tax rate is 7% and is calculated at checkout.

2 chairs, 1 umbrella

2 chairs / 1 umbrella

$30/day, 3-day minimum

four chairs and two umbrellas

4 chairs / 2 umbrellas

$60/day, 3-day minimum

six chairs and three umbrellas

6 chairs / 3 umbrellas

 $90/day, 3-day minimum

8 chairs, 4 umbrellas

8 chairs/4 umbrellas

 $120/day, 3-day minimum

10 chairs, 5 umbrellas

10 chairs/ 5 umbrellas

$150/day, 3-day minimum

side table

Wooden Side Table


Additional Umbrella: $15/day

Additional Chair:      $10/day